This NFL Player Took His Skills Off The Field When He Tackled A Rude Fan Who Interrupted A Zach Brown Band Concert.

Now that's working overtime.

When it's announced that the Houston Texans' own defensive end is working security at an event, the last thing you want to do is piss him off. But that's just what happened when a fan rushed the stage at a Zach Brown Band concert. Of course, JJ Watt tackled him to the ground. In case you're unfamiliar, Watt was a 2011 first round pick, is 6'5", and weighs 288 pounds. The concertgoer jumped on stage just as Zach Brown Band was finishing a song, and managed to dance around for a whole four seconds before Watt laid him flat on his back, much to the crowd's amusement. What could he have possibly been thinking?

But if you're worried for the fan's safety, you can relax. Based on the video of the incident that Watt tweeted out, it seems likely that the entire gag was staged (after all, what's the point of getting Watt as your security guard for the night if he doesn't get to tackle somebody?). Still, we're not taking any chances. The next time this NFL player moonlights as a bodyguard, we'll be sure to enjoy the show from a safe distance.

Check out Watt's video of the tackle below.


Image credit: Christian Petersen/Getty


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