When Someone Faked His Autograph On A Football, J.J. Watt Had The Perfect Response

"We can't have people doing charity like that."

Houston Texans player J.J. Watt knew just what to do when he learned that someone had faked his signature on a football being raffled off for charity — and it started with confirming that the autograph was fake. His name is "J.J. Watt," not "J.J. Watts," after all.


On Thursday, a Twitter user shared a photo of the ball, which was an item available for raffle at a golf tournament for the Texas charity Heroes for Children, which provides assistance to families of children battling cancer. As other users were quick to point out, not only was Watt's name spelled incorrectly, but it also didn't match the player's real-life signature.

The tweet eventually got around to Watt himself, who confirmed, "Man, whoever faked my signature on that ball didn't even know how to spell my name!" But he did more than simply prove the signature was a fake — he also offered to donate a real one.

"DM me an address and I'll send you a proper signed ball to auction off," Watt added in his tweet. "We can't have people doing charity like that."

Heroes for Children has since released a statement about the mistake, explaining that two footballs and a baseball had been donated for the charity's raffle. 

"It has been brought to our attention that these were not authentic items, and we are beyond embarrassed and disappointed to have misrepresented their authenticity," the organization shared. "We are refunding the donation and will return the items appropriately. In the future, we will go through the proper steps to ensure authenticity."

Meanwhile, Shane Allbright, the user who originally tweeted the photo, told ABC13 that he had bought five raffle tickets for a chance at the ball. Watt reportedly sent him a DM saying he would send a new ball.

"J.J. Watt took a negative moment and turned it into a positive moment. He's a real standup dude to reach out to me and I respect him for that," Allbright told the station. "J.J. Watt is super nice and it's just a crazy moment."

Watt takes charity seriously. Last August, the athlete started a fundraiser to help Houston residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. He eventually raised more than $37 million. "There are much bigger things than football going on," he said at the time.


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