Best Friends, A Slumber Party, And Laser Tag: A 7-Year-Old's Birthday Party Or J.J. Watt's Birthday Party?

Good people, good laser tag, good times.

J.J. Watt is widely regarded as a freak athlete and the best defensive player in the NFL. He lives, breathes, and eats football (except when it's breakfast), so it comes as no surprise that he brings an aggressive competitiveness into every aspect of his life. Take his 27th birthday, for example. Instead of running off to an exotic location to kick back and relax, he did the only thing J.J. Watt wants to do on any day: work out.

The small caveat, though, is that he paid for 20 of his friends and Houston Texans teammates to come work out with him at his cabin in Wisconsin. Below is probably the only time it looked chill:


Of course, no awesome birthday slumber party is complete without a fun team-based activity (besides working out, in this case). That's why J.J. and his bros went out and played "tactical laser tag," which is better known to most people as "laser tag" or "a 7-year-old's birthday party." In all honesty, though, it's a hell of a fun game, and even 6-foot-five, 289-pound defensive ends need to feel like kids sometimes.

Here's the pre-laser tag workout:

And the good news is J.J. clearly had a great time:

Can't wait to see what your 28th will be like, dude. Go karts, maybe?

Cover image: FanDuel via YouTube


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