Last Night's Other Big Debate Involved Jimmy Kimmel, Tim Kaine, And Chicken Wings

Jimmy continues his campaign for vice president.

Monday night, after candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton participated in the first presidential debate of 2016, Jimmy Kimmel held a little back-and-forth of his own with Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine. In case you missed it, Kimmel announced his bid for vice president earlier this year, so it was about time he hashed it out with one of his opponents.

First, he and Kaine had to find a neutral location for their conversation. "And after a lot of back and forth," Kimmel says, "we found a place we could both agree on, and that place was Buffalo Wild Wings."

Although Kimmel goes into things with his game face on, he and Kaine turn out to agree on a number of issues. For instance, why can't everyone just have the Monday after the Super Bowl off from work? And honestly, who even needs phone books anymore? "I feel right now like you would vote for me for vice president," Kimmel notes.

They end things with a harmonica battle, but Kimmel doesn't exactly play fair. He gets more than a little help from a very special guest — John Popper of Blues Traveler.


This is just the fun we needed after a stressful night hooked to our screens

Watch the candidates' full conversation in the video below:


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