Jimmy Kimmel Took A More Apologetic Approach To Teacher Appreciation Week

"Are there any teachers you'd like to apologize to?"

Jimmy Kimmel took a unique approach to Teacher Appreciation Week on Wednesday night. Instead of simply encouraging people to thank their favorite teachers for inspiring them, the host acknowledged that many former students remember a teacher they "put through the ringer." So he gave them a chance to apologize.

The host started things off by apologizing to his high school Spanish teacher on behalf of the student who erased his chalkboard and drew NSFW pictures. "Teachers have difficult jobs," he reminded viewers, before turning to people on the street to offer their own apologies.


One of Kimmel's correspondents asked pedestrians, "Are there any teachers you'd like to apologize to?" Their bad behavior ranged from childish teasing to serious troublemaking, but they all admitted they were in the wrong. Take, for example, the man who gave his fifth-grade teacher Ms. Glasser the nickname "Gassy Goo."

Then there's the woman who told a marijuana joke in the first grade. "Why don't balloons do drugs?" she asked, recalling the "panic" on her teacher's face. "Because they're afraid they'll get too high and get busted." You may be surprised to learn what that young jokester grew up to do for a living.

See all the apologies for yourself in the video below:


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