Jimmy Kimmel Offers The Easiest Way To Deal With Family On Thanksgiving

No more annoying boyfriends, creepy uncles or stiff cousins.

Thanksgiving is coming along with a few of the annual headwrecks. 

First, how to prepare your stomach for a whole day-long eating spree. And second, how to handle all that unwanted attention from family members you have little to no relationship whatsoever.

Folks at the Jimmy Kimmel talk show figured out the easiest way to deal with your relatives this Thanksgiving. Introducing, Relative Share. 

"Because you can't pick your family, but you can ship them away from you in a crate."


Okay, even if Relative Share is not (yet) a real service, Meal Sharing is and it leads a beautiful mission of bringing people together over home cooked meals.

"Our mission is to build communities through shared resources, facilitate deeper cultural exchange, and encourage people to cook at home to enable a healthier lifestyle," Jay Savsani, founder of Meal Sharing writes.

Check out their website and share a delicious home cooked Thanksgiving dinner with someone who might be celebrating this holiday alone.

(H/T: Mashable)

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