Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel Delivers Another Star-Studded Installment Of 'Mean Tweets'

"Samuel L. Jackson has resting fart face."

Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel Delivers Another Star-Studded Installment Of 'Mean Tweets'

This year's Academy Awards host was Jimmy Kimmel, so it didn't come as much of a surprise that he premiered an Oscars edition of his famous "Mean Tweets" segment during the broadcast. But that doesn't mean we weren't just as excited to see it as we were any of his previous installments, featuring everyone from country stars to NFL players to Barack Obama reading some of the meanest tweets about themselves the internet has to offer.

This time, Kimmel recruited a few of this year's Oscar nominees (including Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Casey Affleck, Emma Stone, and Jeff Bridges), as well as a few other big names in Hollywood. As usual, some of the tweets were silly, some NSFW, others simply nonsensical. But the stars took it all with good humor, laughing along and occasionally talking back. Some even agreed with the assertions made in their assigned tweets — no matter how ridiculous.

Check out a few of our favorites from this installment below.


Pregnant Natalie Portman was quick to correct this tweet speculating about her food choices: "You are wrong."

This user is pretty offended by Ryan Gosling's good looks ... but aren't we all?

Samuel L. Jackson couldn't disagree with this colorful tweet about his "resting fart face."

See the rest of the mean tweets (and how the stars responded to them) in the video below:


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