This Is What Happens When Kids Are Asked To Pick Their Favorite Parent

These kids have no filter.

Let's face it. There are questions out there that we're simply better off not asking or answering. Especially, if someone's feelings are at stake.

However, when it comes to little ones, most of time they have no filter whatsoever. Not because kids intend to be mean or anything, it's just they haven't learned how not to be brutally honest just yet. 

This means that when children face moral dilemmas, things can get awkwardly hilarious, and Jimmy Kimmel has a pretty good one ready in the video below. His YouTube channel explains:

According to a new survey, three out of four adult children would rather spend time with their mom than their dad. Jimmy is always suspicious of polls like this, so we decided to do our own. 


"Who Do You Love More... Mom or Dad?" children were asked in front of their parents.

Well... These kids aren't even trying to sugar coat it. Watch the entire video below.

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