For Father's Day, Jimmy Kimmel Had Kids Share Some Big Confessions With Their Dads

"What is the worst thing you've done that your dad doesn't know about?"

Father's Day is this Sunday, so it was about time for another dad-themed segment from Jimmy Kimmel. Last year, he had kids confess to their fathers the worst thing they've ever done. This year, he sent a correspondent out on the street to ask a new group of kids the same question, because honesty is the best policy.

One girl confessed to taking money from her dad's wallet — "maybe 80 bucks" over the years. The twist? Her dad is a police officer. Something tells us she won't be taking any more.


A college-age girl then confessed the real reason she wanted her dad to get her a hotel room when she was sick. But perhaps the most surprising confession came from the young man who admitted he hooked up with a girl in his dad's car. "He was just in the seminary, so that shocks me," his dad said.

The segment also featured a famous dad and his kid — Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne, who confessed to getting her classmates fake IDs in high school. Foxx's face says it all. "Happy Father's Day!" Corinne declared to finish things off.

Check out all the confessions in the video below:


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