Kids Have A Hilarious Range Of Emotions When Parents Reveal They Ate Their Halloween Candy

All the feels.

Jimmy Kimmel has a lot of traditions. For Halloween, one of the most popular traditions is the "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" prank. 


For eight years, Kimmel has asked parents to send in videos of kids' reactions after they fool them into thinking that they've eaten all of their Halloween candy. This year, the show received more than 1,000 videos of emotional reactions but managed to whittle it down to a five-minute compilation of the best clips.

What isn't surprising is that there are a lot of emotions (and tears) involved. As always, there are some surprising reactions to kids finding out their parents have "gobbled" all their Halloween candy. There are even a few who realize the situation might, in fact, be a Halloween trick.

Take a look at all of the emotions in the latest Halloween candy video:


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