His 7-Year-Old Goddaughter Loves Makeup Tutorials, So Jimmy Kimmel Decided To Be A Good Sport

"On Halloween, I'm gonna need you to come over."

Ever wondered what Jimmy Kimmel would look like as a deer? Well, you can now thank his 7-year-old goddaughter Franki for showing you. 

"I have two young children at home, so I like to keep up with what the kids are into," Kimmel said on his show, explaining that he asked Franki to teach him about "something she enjoys online" — makeup tutorials.

After sharing her opinion on false eyelashes ("disgusting"), Franki joined her godfather in watching a couple of online tutorials, one of which teaches viewers to turn themselves into a deer. "You want to watch this and try doing deer makeup to me?" Kimmel suggested.


Kimmel tried making small talk as Franki worked her magic, asking, "Who's your favorite Spice Girl?" The 7-year-old then reminded us how much times have changed for kids these days by replying, "Um, I don't know what that means." 

In the end, Franki created a look that would make Bambi proud, admitting that she thought it might turn out "horrible" but telling Kimmel, "You look nice."

The host agreed, and he had a proposal: "You know what, on Halloween, I'm gonna need you to come over." We predict a bright future for Franki.

Watch Franki's full tutorial in the video below:


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