Jimmy Kimmel Challenged A 91-Year-Old And A 14-Year-Old To Trivia. Can You Guess Who Won?

That's quite a generation gap.

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel set out to learn who knows more about the pop culture of today and yesterday — a 91-year-old woman or a 14-year-old boy. It's not the first time he's hosted the game, called Generation Gap. In fact, 14-year-old Travers has gone up against two other seniors in previous episodes.

Travers won both of his previous competitions, and this time he went for a three-peat against Jo, a great-grandmother. Things started out strong for him as he correctly identified a shot from the game Minecraft, which Jo mistakenly called "Blockhead." (As Kimmel pointed out, it's not a bad guess.)


Jo continued to be stumped by later questions, but her sense of humor carried her through. "Jo, have you ever owned a television?" Kimmel asked at one point, to which she jokingly replied, "What's that?"

In fact, Jo admitted later that she's "not a television watcher." Regardless of which generation came out on top, however, Kimmel gave prizes to both of them — and they were pretty perfect. For Jo, he had an Apple Watch, and for Travers, he had a pocket watch. The joy of old and young coming together for a little friendly competition, however, is priceless.

Find out if Jo made a comeback in the video below:


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