These Kids Played Catch With Their Dads On Father's Day, With A Jimmy Kimmel Twist

You could say they were "caught" off guard.

We all know Jimmy Kimmel loves a good prank. When he's not sending his correspondents onto the street to mess with unsuspecting pedestrians, he's telling his viewers at home to have a laugh at the expense of their family members. That includes his annual Father's Day prank, which was back again this week.

"We have a tradition on our show," Jimmy explained in last night's episode. "Every Father's Day, we challenge kids to mess with their dads, record it, and upload it to YouTube. This year, we asked you to play catch with your dad when he wasn't expecting it. Just say, 'Dad, catch!' and throw something."

Kids at home took this challenge and ran with it, and they didn't limit themselves in terms of what objects to throw. As you can imagine, things got pretty messy. Flour, ice, and even entire cakes were thrown. Some of the dads were luckier than others, with one getting a pile of money tossed his way.


While most of the dads were confused or annoyed, one was left pretty impressed with how things turned out.

Watch the entire compilation, and see Jimmy get a little taste of his own medicine, in the video below:


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