Jimmy Kimmel Gets Kids To Shout 'I Love You' When Their Dads Least Expect It

A pretty sweet prank.

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel challenges his viewers to prank their dads on Father's Day and send him the footage. In the past, he's gotten kids to serve their dads breakfast in the shower and play catch with them when they weren't expecting it.

"This year the challenge was simple," Kimmel explained. "Sneak up on your father and yell, 'I love you, Dad!' as loud as you can. And I was starting to think this might not work, but I was very, very wrong."

The show received hundreds of videos, and the host shared some of the best examples on Monday night's episode. There were more than a few surprising wake-up calls in the bunch, as well as three dads who got pushed or startled into the pool. And of course, it wouldn't be a Jimmy Kimmel Father's Day challenge if there weren't at least a couple of bathroom shockers.

As you can imagine, some dads responded better than others. But at least there was a sweet message at the challenge's core — no matter how salty the delivery may have been. We can't wait to find out what next year's prank will be.


Watch every "I love you" in the video below:


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