What Would Donald Trump Have To Do To Lose His Supporters? Jimmy Kimmel Found Out.

The answers might scare you.

Donald Trump's position as the presumptive Republican nominee for president comes as quite a shock to those who initially scoffed at his decision to run for office. As more and more of Trump's offensive statements and behaviors — both past and present — come to light, his supporters continue to stand by him.

It's enough to make those opposed to a Trump presidency wonder if there's anything he could possibly do to lose their vote.

Jimmy Kimmel wondered the same thing, so he set out to find an answer. 

"It seems like Donald Trump could say anything and they'd stick with him," Kimmel said. "And to test this hypothesis, we went out on the street and we asked people who said they're on Team Trump, 'What would Donald Trump have to do to lose your vote?'"

The answers might shock you. But then again, maybe not.

Some responses were very specific. For one supporter, it was simply "Take my guns." For another, it was "Punching a woman right in the face on national TV." 

For some, murder would be a definite deal breaker. But for one woman, seeing Trump stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone wouldn't deter her. She would also be OK with him smoking crack and growing a Hitler mustache, if you're wondering.


Find out just how passionate Trump's supporters can be in the video below:


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