Jimmy Kimmel Just Raised Awareness By Getting This Important Medical Exam On His Show

With the support of Katie Couric.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has been vocal in the health care debate in light of his son Billy's heart surgeries, and on Tuesday's episode of his show, he set an important example by visiting the doctor for his first colonoscopy.

Kimmel is now 50, the age at which men and women at average risk of colorectal cancer are encouraged to undergo their first screening. But he didn't go by himself — journalist Katie Couric was there to support him. Couric herself famously had her first colonoscopy on Today in 2000. Two years earlier, her husband Jay Monahan died of colon cancer.


As Couric explains, colon cancer is the second-leading cancer killer for men and women combined in the United States. By getting screened, Kimmel is not only taking an important step for his own health, but he's also raising awareness to hopefully inspire others to get screened.

"They had a 20 percent increase when I did this on the Today show 18 years ago," Couric tells the host. "They called it the Couric Effect, and now we're gonna have the Kimmel Effect."

Of course, this is Jimmy Kimmel we're talking about, so there are plenty of jokes along the way. He even has his doctor play the board game Operation to prove her skill.

Watch Kimmel's colonoscopy experience below:


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