Jimmy Kimmel Gets Celebrities To Share Their Ridiculous Wisdom In The Ultimate Commencement Speech

"Never give up, unless it's hard."

As graduation season comes to a close, we've seen commencement addresses from a number of high-profile speakers, from politicians such as Hillary Clinton to celebrities like Will Ferrell. But as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out on his show Wednesday night, "not every school can land an A-lister."

To make sure those schools don't feel left out, Kimmel put together an "all-purpose, all-star graduation speech that is 100 percent guaranteed to position you for success in life." We all know how good he is at gathering up celebrities, as proven by his Mean Tweets segments, so it's no surprise that his speech features such stars as Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman, Bryan Cranston, Jack Black, and Jada Pinkett Smith — all decked out in graduation regalia.

While their collective speech is nothing if not entertaining, their advice for graduates may be slightly questionable. Each speaker offers a funnier version of the type of wisdom you hear from more conventional commencements. "It's time for you all to put down your phones," Don Cheadle urges graduates, "and pick up the next generation of phones. They have a much better camera."

Meanwhile, Justin Theroux sums up the key to life in one sentence: "Never give up, unless it's hard."


Hear the entire speech in the video below:


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