Jimmy Kimmel's Politically Infused Update Of The 'Captain America' Trailer Is A Sign Of Our Times

Former friends become foes.

Just about every stand-alone Marvel film has recently become a mini-Avengers that features several characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe crisscrossing between each other's stories. The biggest example of this yet is the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which features old reliable Cap squaring off against Iron Man in a battle of ideals that has an eerily similar parallel in real life.

What happens when you pit two former friends against each other, one of whom is a billionaire and the other a visionary? A pair of men who fundamentally disagree about how the system is supposed to work? You get Tony Stark and Steven Rogers, to be sure, but you also coincidentally get Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Jimmy Kimmel's team jumped on this realization presumably the moment someone said it out loud, and the result is a spliced Civil War trailer featuring the grouchy polar opposite politicians.

It's ridiculous, but also profoundly accurate as a commentary on the 2016 presidential race. If you can remove yourself from the absurdity of the election thus far — which for your own sake hopefully you have — the clip from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! should give you a few laughs. Especially the cameos by Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson.


Check it out below:


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