The Continuing Saga Of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Baby Bachelorette' Is Possibly More Dramatic Than The Real Thing

"I'm hopeful, I think my husband is here."

The drama continues with episode 2 of Jimmy Kimmel's "The Baby Bachelorette." The premiere aired about a month ago and follows "Baby Bachelorette" Bianca's journey to find the man of her dreams. 

The heartbreak continues in the latest clip, which aired this past Monday.

Bianca is faced with drama and confusion at her first tea party two-on-one date with Dylan and Isley. 

"It's going to be hard to say good-bye to one of them," Bianca says in her interview.

Her decision is made clear when Dylan's superhero fetish gets in the way of their relationship. Bianca has no choice but to send him home.   


Meanwhile, Bianca has a steamy one-on-one date planned: the lucky man on the date card really brought the heat in the kitchen and is definitely here for the right reasons. 

Entering the "unicorn ceremony" with only four toy horses to hand out, Bianca is forced to make some tough decisions. 

But what BOMB will Isley drop on Bianca after the unicorn ceremony that leads her to saying she feels "humiliated"? We're dying to know!

Check out the latest “Baby Bachelorette” video here:


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