Do You Recognize The Man In The Picture Being Held?

59% of Americans don't know.

Joe Biden arrived in Los Angeles yesterday, causing major roadways to be shut down for his security detail's motorcade. His visit was met with exasperation from Angelenos who, framing things through that most Southern California of lenses - the potential for traffic - anticipated even worse rush-hour congestion than usual. 

Jimmy Kimmel took to Hollywood Boulevard where he had one of his people ask Americans the question that at least some of you are asking right now: "Who is Joe Biden?"

Did you know who he was before you watched this?

If not, don't feel bad: as the Washington Post pointed out, a 2010 Pew poll indicated that only 59% of Americans knew who Joe Biden is. 


Joe Biden rules the 405.

P.S. He's the American Vice President. 

H/T to Redditor LoudTyper for posting pics of the 405.

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