After An Accidental Phone Call, Jimmy John's Workers Rushed To Help A Sick Veteran

After receiving a call for help meant for someone else, the employees decided to help anyway.

A phone call to a wrong number led to the rescue of an ill veteran on Saturday. Two employees from Jimmy John's ended up picking up Greg Holeman and giving him a ride to the hospital after receiving a misdirected call from his sister, Lisa Nagengast.

In a Facebook post, Nagengast explains that she was flying to Tampa, Florida from Columbus, Nebraska after helping her brother, Holeman, get resettled in his house after undergoing spinal fusion surgery. Upon arriving in the Tampa airport, she received from a call from Holeman, telling her he was in great pain and his left leg had gone completely numb.

As a veteran living on disability, Holeman couldn't afford a taxi to the hospital and wasn't sure if the Department of Veteran Affairs would approve coverage of an ambulance. Frantic, Nagengast attempted to reach his social worker, but misdialed and ended up reaching the Columbus branch of sandwich chain, Jimmy John's.


She explained the problem to night manager, Jason Voss, who quickly realized that she had probably meant to contact someone else but decided to help anyway. Voss called delivery driver Zach Hillmer, who ended up picking up Holeman and drove him to a hospital emergency room.

It wasn't until Hillmer called Nagengast to get more information on her brother that she realized she had made a mistake. "I apologized profusely. I was really embarrassed," she told The Columbus Telegram"I just told them, 'Never mind.' But somehow they found it in their hearts to help."

Holeman is now back home and recovering well, and Nagengast says she will be forever grateful for Voss and Hillmer and their willingness to help.  As she told CNN, "I'm famous for calling a wrong number, but Zach and Jason need to be famous because they did an amazing act of kindness."

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