Jobs Don't Always Work Out, As Shown By Jimmy Fallon's #WhyIQuit Hashtag

"You're Brain now, so deal with it."

Sometimes jobs simply don't work out, and it's better to say goodbye and look for something better. That was the theme of this week's Hashtags segment on The Tonight Show, as host Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers to tweet the funniest or weirdest reasons they ever handed in their two weeks notice with the hashtag #WhyIQuit.

As usual, his followers didn't disappoint. They recalled everything from incorrect name tags ("You're Brain now, so deal with it"), to creepy kids ("You're next"), to ominous convenience store signs ("when you get robbed"). We can't help but wonder how this hashtag might overlap with Fallon's previous hashtag #MyWorstSummerJob.


We hope all the viewers who tweeted their stories ended up finding jobs they enjoy — or at least ones that won't inspire any more contributions to the hashtag. In any case, as with many of these hashtag games, at least they got a Tonight Show-worthy story out of the situation. If only they'd known at the time.

Check out some of our favorite #WhyIQuit hashtags that didn't make the cut below, including one from the host himself:

Watch Jimmy Fallon share his favorites in the video below:


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