Every Time Jimmy Fallon Or Tracy Morgan Answer A Question Correctly, They Get A Puppy

Whoever ends up with the most puppies, wins.


In a game of "Pup Quiz," Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan go head to head as they try to correctly answer animal trivia questions on The Tonight Show. For each question answered correctly, a player gets one golden retriever puppy. Whoever ends up with the most puppies, wins.

Yes, you read that correctly — a puppy is passed out every time an answer is correct. Cute little furry, lovey-dovey adorable PUPPIES. 

Watch the two men answer questions like, "What is the longest species of snake in the world?" and "Which one of these birds is native to the island of New Guinea?" 

You'll never guess who wins ...

... or maybe you will.

Yup, this might just be the greatest game ever played in the history of the universe. 


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