9 Times Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtags Had Us Laughing Into Late Night

From #CrappyHolidays to #MarchDadness to #WhyImSingle.

As funny as Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is, real life is often funnier, so he gets viewers to submit their funniest, cleverest, cringiest anecdotes and ideas on Twitter with hashtags. Thus, we have memes such as #ThatWasTMI, #TextFail, #DontJudgeMe, #IveChanged, and #ThatHappened … and even more high-concept hashtags, such as #MyCrayVacay, #MyDumbTradition, and #DogHalloweenCostumes. But below, you'll find the best of Jimmy Fallon's Hashtags segment — in our book, anyway — along with YouTube clips of the late-night host's hilarious reactions.


1. #CrappyHolidays

Christmas wasn't exactly holly and jolly for the viewers who tweeted to Jimmy Fallon about their #CrappyHolidays. "One year we were desperate enough to eat a frozen fruitcake given to us," one said, responding to the hashtag. "After trying to cut it we realized it was a candle." (Also, be sure to check out the #CrappyHalloween tweets, and then all the #ThanksgivingFails and #NewYearsResolutionFails.)

2. #DadQuotes

Jimmy Fallon's viewers submitted their most cringe-worthy dad jokes twice in 2017 — for the hashtag  #MarchDadness and then for the #DadQuotes hashtag a few months later. "My dad told me he accidentally swallowed some Scrabble pieces and he 'wasn't looking forward to his next vowel movement,' " wrote one horrified daughter.

3. #MomQuotes

Jimmy Fallon also solicited #MomQuotestwice, even — and contributed to the hashtag himself. "My mom and I were talking on the phone for the third time that day and she actually said, 'We don't talk enough,' " he tweeted.

4. #FootballRaps

The Tonight Show host got his house band, The Roots, to perform the #FootballRaps creative viewers sent him, including this Hamilton-inspired submission to the hashtag: "I'm not throwing away my pass / I am not throwing away my pass / Ayo, I'm just like Tom Brady / I'm young, scrappy, and shady / And I'm not throwing away my pass."

5. #HowIGotFired

We all took delight in Tonight Show viewers' downfalls when they shared their #HowIGotFired anecdotes and woeful tales about work gone awry. "Worked at a call center and would use fake accents to keep it interesting," one person wrote in response to the hashtag. "They really do monitor for training purposes."

6. #WhyIQuit

Some Jimmy Fallon fans terminated their own employment, as we learned with the #WhyIQuit hashtag. "Worked at a hotel when a clown convention reserved a block of 20 rooms," wrote one viewer. "They showed up fully dressed. I still have nightmares."

7. #MyWeird______

Turns out, Tonight Show fans have a lot of weirdness in their lives — weird relatives (with enough for a second installment), weird roommates (which also got a sequel), weird siblings, weird neighbors, weird teachers, weird dentists, even weird secrets. ("I purposely partner up my students based on who has a crush on who," said one would-be Cupid.)

8. #Worst______

Jimmy Fallon also wants to hear his viewers' worsts — such as their #WorstFirstDate (like the guy who was tagged in his date's Facebook posts complaining about him), their #WorstGiftEver (like the Honey Baked Ham delivered to a Jewish recipient), and #MyWorstSummerJob (like a job at an ice cream store that refuses to sell chocolate ice cream).

9. #WhyImSingle

Some Jimmy Fallon fans have hilarious reasons why they're no longer in relationships — as we saw with the #WhyImSingle hashtag. Admittedly, though, these reasons may be funnier to us than they are to the singletons. "When I had a boyfriend, I brought him over to meet my parents and my dad pretended to rob us to see if he would protect me," one Twitter user revealed.


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