The Rock And Jimmy Fallon Surprise A 'Tonight Show' Producer With An Emotional Reunion

"I don't know how we pulled this off."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson once again reminded us why he's The Sexiest Man Alive on Friday night's episode of The Tonight Show by helping surprise one of host Jimmy Fallon's staffers with an emotional military homecoming.

"If we ever have the opportunity to give back to our troops, I think we all should," the actor said, "because we live and enjoy the life we have because of them. So there was one more thing I would love to do before I left tonight, Jimmy. I would love to give back to a military family that's actually here in the audience."

That turned out to be a bit of a fake-out, as the pair actually moved past the audience and into the control room to talk to Tonight Show producer and Army vet Karina Kabalan. The Rock explained that Karina met her husband, Air Force sergeant Todd Kabalan, while they were both deployed in Iraq. They had been living apart for the past year and a half, but Jimmy and The Rock brought Todd home for the holidays.


"How did you even do this without me knowing?" Karina asked through tears after a group hug.

"I don't know how we pulled this off," Jimmy admitted.

Witness the joyous moment for yourself in the video below:


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