Jimmy Fallon Highlights Some Of Our #ThanksgivingFails — And One Of His Own

Turkeys are the subject of most.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, things can — and likely will — go wrong at some point. So when Jimmy Fallon tweeted out the Tonight Show's latest hashtag game asking for "funny, weird, or embarrassing stories" about this food-filled holiday, using #ThanksgivingFails, people showed up and didn't disappoint.


Most of these experiences, as you could imagine, dealt with folks experiencing cooking fails, either messing up food before or after attempting to get it ready. But Fallon, being the host with the most, kicked things off with a harrowing tale of a missing TV remote controller. Scary!

After scouring Twitter, we found some worthy tweets that were not included in Fallon's roundup on TV. These range from stories of epic food blunders and crazy family hijinks — but the most common tweets were those about the thing we all dread the most: un-thawed turkeys.

To see what Fallon considered the best responses — those revealing dentures falling in mashed potatoes, grandmothers eating potpourri, and hot fondue fountains going out of control — check out the video below.


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