Jimmy Fallon Writes Thank-You Notes To All Our Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

"Thank you, crescent rolls, for looking like a baby's thigh."

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon doesn't just share what he's thankful for on Thanksgiving — he does it all year in his hilarious "Thank You Notes" segment. While most of us take everyday things such as salad spinners and candy corn for granted, Jimmy regularly takes a few moments on his show to share exactly why he appreciates them so much.

This Thanksgiving, Jimmy was thankful for the holiday itself, so he wrote out a few cards for our favorite Turkey Day traditions, from the delicious food to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. "Thank you, cranberry sauce," he writes, "for making my plate of turkey look like a crime scene." He also makes sure to get the requisite dig in at Donald Trump when talking about the Trolls balloon.

But perhaps the most relevant thank-you note of all is to the kids' table, "for being a fun place for kids, and any adult who doesn't want to talk about politics." If you couldn't get Wolf Blitzer to moderate your family dinner this year, you might be feeling the same way.


Hear Jimmy's notes about everything from pilgrims to gourds in the video below:


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