Jimmy Fallon's #TextFail Tweets Include A Silly One From A Famous Name

"This is now the family sign-off."

Text messaging can be a great form of communication, but things don't always go according to plan. Whether our true meaning is lost on the person we're messaging, or technology intervenes to twist our words into something we didn't intend, most of us have probably experienced a #TextFail or two — or probably more.


Thanks to Jimmy Fallon's "Hashtags" segment, now we can laugh at some of the funniest examples. On Thursday night, the host shared some of his favorite viewer tweets on the subject, from unfortunate typos ("food photographer" isn't the same as "good photographer") to accidental emoji usage (thumbs up and middle finger are very different), with plenty of funny parent stories in between.

The host started things off earlier this week by tweeting about the time he tried to explain text shorthand to his friend, but didn't quite get through to him.

This time, Fallon's call for tweets also got a funny response from a pretty famous name. Singer Sheryl Crow replied with a story about her mom's voice-text mishap. But hey, at least her family got a new inside joke out of it.

Check out a few of our favorite tweets that didn't make the cut below:

Watch Jimmy Fallon read his favorites in the video below:


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