It's Time Again For Jimmy Fallon's Puppies To Predict The Super Bowl Winner

The only experts you need.

Whether you're watching the Super Bowl for the game, the halftime show, or the commercials, there's a chance you might be asked who you think will win the trophy — or maybe even to place your bets on it. That's where Jimmy Fallon's puppies come in.

For the past several years, Fallon has kept up a Tonight Show tradition of having adorable pups predict the winners of various sporting events, from the Kentucky Derby to the World Series to, of course, the Super Bowl. Their predictions can be hit or miss — in 2016 they correctly chose the Denver Broncos, last year they incorrectly chose the Atlanta Falcons — but we're mostly here for the cuteness anyway.


The puppies' method is pretty simple. They're let loose down a ramp toward two bowls of kibble, one representing each team. Whichever team's bowl attracts the most pups is predicted to be this year's winner. This year, for Super Bowl LII, the bowls represent reigning champions the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you're not rooting for either team or just don't know much about football, consider taking the puppies' thoughts into consideration — but maybe don't bet too much money on it. And if you're more interested in the dogs than the game, there's always the Puppy Bowl to look forward to.

Find out who the puppies think will win in the video below:


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