Find Out Which Team Jimmy Fallon's Puppies Think Will Win The Super Bowl

Start placing your bets.

On Thursday night's episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon continued his favorite Super Bowl tradition — having puppies predict the winner.

Here's how it works. First, Jimmy puts together a crack team of cuddly pups. There are two bowls of kibble, one for each team. Whichever team attracts the most puppies is predicted to be the winner. If you're wary about placing your bets based on a bunch of puppies, it might help to know that last year's tail-waggers correctly predicted that the Denver Broncos would take home the trophy.

"No butt-sniffing," the host warns before they start. "Be cool, and no peeing or wandering."

So which bowl did this year's cuties choose to win Super Bowl LI? It's hard to tell at first.


Find out if they're right when the Super Bowl airs this Sunday on Fox. Or, if you're in the mood for even more canine cuteness, tune in to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. For years, it's been the perfect viewing alternative for non-sports fans and dog lovers alike. The show features adoptable puppies from shelters across the country, and this year even disabled pooches are joining in on the fun.

Watch the "Puppy Predictors" do their thing in the video below:


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