Jimmy Fallon's #MyWorstSummerJob Tweets Will Have You Reminiscing

Were you ever an "assistant to the lifeguard"?

Leave it to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to make us cringe over everything from our biggest prom fails to our worst dates. This week he kept the Throwback Thursday vibe going by asking his viewers to share their funniest stories of seasonal employment with the hashtag #MyWorstSummerJob.

The host himself started things off with this story about an ice cream shop owner who had some pretty disturbing opinions.


Fallon then shared some of his favorites from viewers on the show Thursday night. Some people were fired for such things as having "a subpar attitude toward moving furniture" or because they "looked bored" while untangling a hose. Another had to settle for the job title "assistant to the lifeguard." And don't forget the viewer who had to sort through chips at a Mexican restaurant to take out the broken ones.

As with most of Fallon's Hashtags segments, at least they can say they got an entertaining story out of the experience — along with some extra cash.

Check out some of our favorites that didn't make the cut below:

Watch Jimmy Fallon read his favorites in the video below:


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