Jimmy Fallon's #MyWeirdRoommate Hashtag Reminds Us Of Our Roomies' Silliest Quirks

"My roommate stopped to curl her hair in case a fireman saw her."

If you've ever lived with anyone, you'll know that having a roommate can be weird. Whether you've lived with your friend, your significant other, a stranger, or even just your immediate family, you likely discovered their quirkiest qualities pretty quickly — and vice versa.

That's why we could totally relate to Jimmy Fallon's #MyW eirdRoommate hashtag. The host asked viewers to share their roomies' weirdest habits on Twitter, and he shared his favorites on the show. Whether they're charming or slightly terrifying, you have to admire them for being unique. Then again, they might make you grateful your roommate just leaves their dishes in the sink.


Viewers' quirky roommates included the one who preferred to eat his ketchup without a plate, the one who really didn't want anyone taking her Kraft singles, and the one who just had to know if he and his roomie thought the same things were funny. 

Then, of course, there was the one who might need to get her priorities straight: "There was a fire in our building at 4 AM. Smoke filled the halls, but my roommate stopped to curl her hair in case a fireman saw her."

Check out some of our favorite tweets that didn't make the cut below, including one from the host himself:

Watch Jimmy Fallon read his favorite tweets below:


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