We're Not Afraid To Laugh At Jimmy Fallon's Favorite #MyWeirdFear Tweets

"I just don't want to die naked."

Jimmy Fallon's latest hashtag segment on The Tonight Show is making us feel less alone about our most irrational worries — and giving us a good laugh at the same time. The host asked viewers to share their funniest phobias with the hashtag #MyWeirdFear. 

Some people simply had a fear of social embarrassment. As one user explained, "I'm so afraid of accidentally liking someone's post from 18 months ago that I have a secret account just for Instagram stalking."


Others feared for their lives in extreme situations. One user shared that she's worried about getting struck by lightning in the shower, adding, "I just don't want to die naked." Another shared his habit of letting his dining companions eat first, "just in case the food is poisoned."

But perhaps our favorite tweet of the bunch comes from the viewer who is worried her stray hairs will end up at the scene of a crime she didn't commit. We'll be thinking of that the next time we run our fingers through our hair.

Check out a few of our favorites that didn't make the cut, including one from the host himself:

See Fallon read his favorite tweets in the video below:


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