Jimmy Fallon's #MyWeirdDentist Tweets Are A Reason Not To Dread Your Checkups

"I like big gums and I cannot lie."

Most of us probably don't look forward to our dental appointments — whether we're afraid of that metal pick, worried we'll have a cavity, or just not in the mood to be lectured about flossing. That's why we're grateful for the dentists who go out of their way to make the experience a little more fun.

This week on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers to tweet the funniest stories about their dentists using the hashtag #MyWeirdDentist, and he shared his favorites on Thursday's show. Don't worry, there's nothing worthy of a scary movie here. Just a bunch of wisecracking dental professionals who seem to wish they were comedians — or just want to make their patients smile.

There's the one who pretends to be a British waiter, the one who jokes that he has no idea what he's doing, and the one with the questionable tagline. ("We do our business in your mouth"? Really?) From the tone of some of these jokes, we have a feeling quite a few of these dentists are also dads.

Check out a few of our favorite examples that didn't make the cut below:


Watch Jimmy Fallon share his favorites in the video below:


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