Can Your #MyDrunkStory Top These Tweets From Jimmy Fallon's Viewers?

Have you ever Googled "how to undrunk yourself"?

Jimmy Fallon's viewers are willing to share some pretty embarrassing stories about themselves for a chance to be featured on the Tonight Show's Hashtags segment each week. They've offered the details of their holiday decorating disasters, admitted their "weird secrets," and even shared their awkward prom photos.

But this week's chosen hashtag, #MyDrunkStory, might just be the most embarrassing one Fallon has featured yet — not to mention one of the funniest. Viewers tweeted about the ridiculous or cringe-worthy things they (or their friends) have done when they've had a little too much to drink. 


Users' drunken stories range from stealing someone's birthday crown to get free drinks, to getting lost at a baseball game, to Googling things like "how to undrunk yourself" — with the search history to prove it. 

But perhaps our favorite story Fallon shared on the show came from a fan whose friend tattooed the name "Brad" under his arm so he would have a literal "Brad Pitt." (Don't worry, the tweet came with a picture.)

Check out a few of our favorites that didn't make the cut below, including one from the host himself:

Watch Fallon share his favorites in the video below ... and remember to drink responsibly:


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