If You Thought Your Family Vacations Were Weird, Check Out Jimmy Fallon's #MyCrayVacay Hashtag

"Holiday!" "Celebrate!"

If you've ever been on a family vacation, you know that sometimes things don't always go as planned. With any luck, you'll at least get a funny story to tell at parties — or share with Jimmy Fallon to hopefully be read on The Tonight Show. That was the premise of Fallon's latest hashtag #MyCrayVacay.

Much like Fallon's previous #MomQuotes and #DadQuotes hashtags, there are plenty of silly parent stories in the bunch. Take, for example, the dad who hated the drive to Disney World so much, he decided he would rather sell the car and fly home than get back on the road.


Speaking of dads, we have some questions for the one who seems to have found a new family at Canada's Wonderland theme park. And don't even get us started on the one who shouts "Holiday!" and insists his family shout "Celebrate!" back at him. (Fallon and the audience give a nice demonstration.)

And sure, all those stories are pretty entertaining, but only one provided photographic evidence — the mom who had to dress her son in a shopping bag on the way home from the beach.

See some of our favorite tweets that didn't make the cut (including one from the host) below:

Watch Fallon read his favorites in the video below:


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