Jimmy Fallon Celebrates Mother's Day With His Viewers' Funniest #MomQuotes

Did you take a Goober home last night?

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and Jimmy Fallon had the perfect Tonight Show hashtag to celebrate it. Earlier this week, he asked his viewers to share the funny, weird, or embarrassing things their moms have said with the hashtag #MomQuotes for a chance to have their tweet read on the show.

The host started things off by tweeting a very cute story about him and his own mom. (Let's be honest, can you ever really talk to your mom enough?)


The show's viewers didn't disappoint, proving "mom quotes" are the mom equivalent of "dad jokes." They might make you roll your eyes or shake your head, but deep down they only make you love the parent who said them even more.

Fallon's favorites include the mom who asked if her daughter took a "Goober" home the night before, the mom who invented her own acronym (OTAH means "Oh, that's a hoot!"), and the mom who refers to Jon Bon Jovi as "Jovi Bon Jovi." And, of course, there's also a boxed wine joke. What would #MomQuotes be without one?

Check out some of our favorites that didn't make the cut below:

Watch Jimmy Fallon share his favorites in the video below:


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