Jimmy Fallon Faces The Consequences Of Losing A Game Against Michael Strahan

Jimmy gets soaked.

Jimmy Fallon really should have known better than to challenge a former NFL player to a game involving footballs. But that's exactly what he did last night on The Tonight Show with his guest Michael Strahan. 

Unsurprisingly, things didn't turn out so well for Jimmy.

It all started with a game called Facebreakers, in which Jimmy and Michael threw footballs at a wall of glass with their own faces on it. The first player to break all of their opponent's faces wins the game. The loser, meanwhile, must face a pretty embarrassing punishment.

Michael obviously won the game, but he wasn't too proud to offer Jimmy a sympathy hug.


Unfortunately, Jimmy received more than just a hug for his loss. He also had to get into the reverse dunk tank and await his fate.

Michael had three chances to hit the target and cause Jimmy to get soaked. "That's a nice suit!" he teased before throwing the first ball. He made it on the third attempt, although it appears he was purposely trying to build suspense with the first two.

Much like James Corden, it seems Jimmy will do just about anything for our entertainment.

Witness Michael's double victory in the video below:


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