Jimmy Fallon's Viewers Shared Their Favorite Dad Jokes With The Hashtag #MarchDadness

So many puns.

We always love Jimmy Fallon's hashtags segment, especially when he gets Tonight Show viewers to share their funniest family stories. This week, the host put a new spin on March Madness by asking his Twitter followers to post the best dad jokes from their own dads or dads they know, using the hashtag #MarchDadness.

As is to be expected where dad jokes are involved, the responses were the perfect blend of funny, punny, and downright cringe-worthy. But just like the dads who make the jokes, we can't help but love them. From knock-knock jokes that play on Sean Connery's accent, to goofy gags with coffee cups, Fallon's viewers have heard it all. 

"Whenever we'd have lasagna for dinner, my stepdad Jim would tell us to pull our plates closer so we'd get 'less-on-ya,'" recalls one viewer. We don't think we'll ever look at lasagna the same way again.

As a bonus, and in keeping with the March Madness theme, The Tonight Show posted a bracket to its Facebook page where you can vote for your favorite to become "Dad Joke of the Year."

Check out some of our favorites that didn't make the cut below:


Watch Jimmy Fallon read his favorites in the video below:

Watch Project Dad, a television series about fatherhood and family:


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