Jimmy Fallon Can't Contain His Amazement At These Kid Inventors' Creations

Jimmy Fallon had a surprise for them.

Jimmy Fallon debuted another installment of "Fallonventions" on The Tonight Show Thursday night, inviting three bright young inventors to show off their creations — and surprising them with an amazing gift toward their futures.

The host started by welcoming 8-year-old Dominic, who showed off his solution for being the shortest kid in his class: a pair of shoes with inflatable platforms. The convenience of his invention was matched by 11-year-old Ellie's Hula Drop Stop. As she explained, "I love hula hooping, but it's annoying that every time it falls, I have to bend down to pick it up."


Then there's 12-year-old Gitanjali, whose invention is so amazing that Google wants to make a documentary about it. According to CNN, Gitanjali was named "America's top young scientist" for her device, called Tethys, to detect lead in drinking water — which was inspired by the Flint water crisis. Her scientific explanation for how it works was so complex, Fallon had to sit down.

The host was clearly blown away by these kids' ingenuity, and decided to reward them by presenting them each with a $5,000 check "to help further your education." We can't wait to see what's in store for these young inventors.

See all the inventions in the video below:


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