Watch Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Face Their Fears In A Haunted House

If they can do it, so can you.

Halloween season is upon us, and that means haunted houses are popping up all over the country. If you've been thinking about visiting one but can't quite buck up the courage, maybe you'll be inspired by Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart. They recently made it through Blood Manor in New York City, and Jimmy shared the spooky-slash-hilarious footage on The Tonight Show.

They both wore personal cameras strapped to their chests, so we can witness their priceless reactions up close. There's also night vision, which means we see the scares coming before they do. Unfortunately, we don't know what things look like through their 3-D glasses. Based on their faces, it seems pretty scary.


When they finally make it out, Kevin wants us to remember one very important thing: "If you guys watch this and at any point it looks like I was afraid, I'm an actor. That's me acting."

This Halloween, remember — if Jimmy and Kevin can face their fears, so can you. Then again, maybe you're more comfortable watching haunted house videos rather than actually going through them. In that case, grab some candy and enjoy.

Check out Jimmy and Kevin's haunted adventure in the video below:


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