Jimmy Fallon's #IveChanged Tweets Have Us Remembering Our Weirdest Habits

We can all relate.

We've all had weird quirks or habits throughout our lives, especially when we were kids. Although we might have changed in the years since, it's fun to look back and shake our heads or shrug our shoulders over the things we used to do

This week on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter followers to share those amusing habits with the hashtag #IveChanged for a chance to be featured on the show. The host read out some of his favorites on Thursday night, and they have us reminiscing about days gone by.

"I used to drop candy in the holes in the sewer grates so that the Ninja Turtles had a snack. #IveChanged," shared one viewer. Jimmy thought that was actually a pretty nice gesture.

There were also a few mispronunciation stories. Weirdly, "Richard Stanz" is not a person mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the brand DKNY is not actually pronounced "Dick-Knee," in case you were wondering.

Check out a few more of our favorite #IveChanged tweets below, including one from Jimmy Fallon himself, as well as a funny story from Bindi Irwin about her brother Robert:


Watch Jimmy Fallon share his favorites in the video below:


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