Jimmy Fallon's Viewers Share Their #ILostABet Stories, Including One Weird Tattoo

"Guess whose kid is going to be named Optimus Prime?"

This week, Jimmy Fallon asked his Tonight Show viewers to tweet their funniest stories of losing a bet with the hashtag #ILostABet for a chance to be featured on the show. Earlier this year, he asked fans to use the hashtag #MyDumbBet. The difference is that some of those users actually won their bets — this time it was all about the losers.

The consequences faced by the people in these stories included lost parakeets, getting grounded for a month, and having to name their kid Optimus Prime. Not to mention the guy who bet his soul to a friend, only to be reminded of it for all eternity.


Of course, no collection of lost bets would be complete without a couple of unfortunate tattoos. One involved the phrase "fun size," tattooed in a highly suggestive place. But another tattoo, the result of a bad Super Bowl bet, takes the cake. You really have to see it for yourself, but Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins described it as follows:

"It looks like a tasteful nude," Fallon said.

"With a Stormtrooper helmet," Higgins added.

Check out some of our favorite tweets that didn't make the cut, including one from the host himself:

See Fallon share his favorite tweets in the video below:


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