These Entries For #WorstFirstDate Will Make You Never Want To Date Again

It's a jungle out there.

There's nothing weirder than a first date. You typically go to dinner with a stranger and learn enough about them to decide if you want to go out with them again. Unfortunately, there are so many things that have the potential to go wrong. 

Sometimes it's as simple as not clicking. Nothing was wrong, necessarily, but two people just know they aren't meant to be and there's no need to pursue it anymore.

Other times, one of the people can do something really embarrassing, like tripping over their own feet, spilling their drink, or getting food stuck in their teeth. None of these are deal breakers, depending on how well the rest of the date was going. 

And then there are the dates from hell. These feature people who are super rude, overly aggressive, or do something that goes far beyond a small, weird habit. 

Jimmy Fallon's latest round of "Hashtags" on The Tonight Show pays tribute to the #WorstFirstDate and the results are so bad, it just might make you rethink wanting to go out there and try dating at all. If you resolved to find the love of your life in 2016, it might be safer to stay at home instead.


While these "Hashtags" are supposed to be all in good fun, there were some shots fired when Fallon added his own entry:

Check out the hilarious #WorstFirstDates that Fallon announced on the air here:

What's the #WorstFirstDate you've been on? Let us know in the comments!


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