Get Ready To Cringe Over Jimmy Fallon's Latest #HomecomingFail Hashtag

"I dropped down so low my pants split."

This week, Jimmy Fallon asked Tonight Show viewers to tweet the funniest and most embarrassing stories from their high school homecoming dances, using the hashtag #HomecomingFail. Unsurprisingly, fans totally delivered and made us cringe about our own awkward teenage years.

The tweets covered everything from nervously asking your crush to go to the dance, to trying out some questionable moves on the dance floor. One fan got a little carried away when Nelly played, tweeting, "I dropped down so low my pants split down the middle. All of my friends had to huddle around me and dance me out of the gym."


And of course, no hashtag about high school memories would be complete without a few stories about embarrassing parents. One user recalls a friend's dad giving him and his date "the talk" as he drove them to the dance. Then there's the viewer whose mom chaperoned the dance.

"She showed up a little tipsy and ended up leading the whole school in doing the 'Thriller' dance," they wrote. We're pretty sure a lot of people would call that a #HomecomingWin.

Check out a few of our favorite tweets that didn't make the cut below, including one from the host himself:

See Fallon read his favorite tweets in the video below:


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