Jimmy Fallon Asks Fans To Respond To #WhyDidISayThat, And It's Hilarious

We've all been there.

Everyone says stupid things from time to time.

Sometimes it's a momentary lapse that isn't fully appreciated until later, while in other cases you regret it the instant it rolls off the tongue.

There are basically three things to do when this happens: never tell a soul and bear the shame in secret for all of eternity, feel ashamed every time friends bring it up while drinking, or just laugh at yourself and totally own it.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon gave his viewers the opportunity to come to terms with the dumbest things they've ever said with his new hashtag #WhyDidISayThat. The entries, of course, were hilarious:


If you just sprained your face from cringing so hard, you're definitely not alone. But these weren't even the worst.

Check out the verbal gaffes that were so bad, Fallon just had to read them on the air:


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