A Lot Of Us Can Probably Relate To Jimmy Fallon's #MyFamilyIsWeird Hashtag

"I saw them wearing each other's dentures."

Jimmy Fallon was back with another Twitter hashtag this week on The Tonight Show. This time, he brought back an old favorite — #MyFamilyIsWeird. He put out a call for viewers to share their most eccentric and endearing family stories, and the resulting traditions and memories have us thinking about our own families.

The anecdotes included one about a dad who was determined to get his money's worth at the car wash, even if it meant sacrificing his milkshake to do it. Then there's the grandma with the brilliant trick to make fake plants look more realistic, and the dad who has the perfect excuse for parking in the "carry out" spots at restaurants.


But our favorite story is probably the one from the user who heard their grandparents giggling in their bedroom. "I saw them wearing each other's dentures," the fan wrote of the unusual experience.

We may not all have memories quite as weird as that one, but plenty of us can probably think of a few bizarre moments in our family histories. At the end of the day, what makes our families weird only makes us love them even more.

Check out a few of our favorites that didn't make the cut below, including one from the host himself:

Watch Fallon read his favorite tweets in the video below:


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