Watch Jimmy Fallon Strap On Heels And Learn To Strut Like A Supermodel

He's got some interesting moves.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen stopped by The Tonight Show to tell host Jimmy Fallon all about her retirement plans and new book. But, before she left, she surprised Fallon by revealing that she wants someone to take her place on the runway. 

And she wants that person to be him. 

Ready for the challenge, Jimmy busts out some electric blue sequined heels. "Those are some crazy shoes!" Bündchen says. 

"No, these are normal," Fallon replies. 

Once they're securely on his feet, the lesson begins. 


Bündchen teaches him to put his chest forward and squeeze his belly in.

Then, she shows him how to shake his hips and strut his stuff down the catwalk.

Jimmy tries it her way at first.

But ends up adding his own flavor to it all.

Watch it all in the video below:


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