Watch Jimmy Fallon Get Real Dads To Embarrass Their Kids With A Father's Day Rap

"I feel like peace and quiet's better than another tie."

To celebrate Father's Day, Jimmy Fallon recently asked real dads to record themselves performing a rap song written by The Roots' Tariq. The submissions they received did not disappoint, so The Tonight Show put them together in a music video that's sure to embarrass their kids for years to come.

The song starts, "It's 'bout time to show some love to who you call daddy / You see me out there on the course playing golf badly." It goes on to reference even more dad stereotypes, from classics like barbecuing and football to more modern phenomena like "hiding out in the bathroom on the iPad."

The dads even drop a bit of a truth bomb about what they really want for a Father's Day gift, explaining, "I feel like peace and quiet's better than another tie."

Some of the dads included their children in the submissions, and while the whole thing is likely to make kids of a certain age cringe, at least one of the little ones seemed to really enjoy the beat.


At least this way of celebrating the holiday puts the dads in control. The same can't be said for Jimmy Kimmel's Father's Day traditions, which can get pretty messy.

Watch the full dad rap below:


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