Jimmy Fallon And Chris Evans Play A New Game That Literally Gives Them Chills

Who's up for frozen blackjack?

On Tuesday, Actor Chris Evans stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his upcoming movie, Captain America: Civil War, and to play a special version of a classic card game with the host.

"The game is called frozen blackjack," Fallon told Evans. "You're going to play the first round and we're going to see what happens."

Frozen blackjack is played just like traditional blackjack, except the winner of each round pours a pitcher of ice water down the loser's pants with a funnel.

Fallon explained that the premise of the game was inspired by Evan's character, Steven Rogers, who is frozen for nearly 70 years and yet still managed to be in impeccable physical condition.


Fallon, the dealer for the first round, lost and had cold water poured down his pants.

In the second round, Evans experienced the same hilarious fate.

"I thought of another name for this [game]," Fallon said. "We can call this [game] chilly willy."

Fans on twitter loved the game.

Evans lost the third and final round, and got way more than a pitcher of ice water down his pants.

Watch the video to see how much frozen water Evans had poured on him during the final round:


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